FREEDOM to support FARMERS at every step of a crop cycle


Our software products suit every organisation in the agri-sector, be it business, research, extension or administration. The products are offered as a 'service', and users can independently generate data of their interest, or support any farming activity.  The products are simple to use, and flexible to cover every aspect from production to consumption. Scientists, businessmen and social workers, with decades of experience in agriculture, have designed the products, while a fine brand of software professionals have developed them. We offer the best-in-class support services, and maintain cordial business relationships with our clients.

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Managing crop health

Users can diagnose crop health problems, recommend solutions, follow-up with farmers and generate data.

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Generate data. Spread Knowledge

Users can provide the right information at the right time to farmers, and generate data that are required for business or research.


Extension made integral

The rural youth are empowered to provide digitally enabled extension services to farmers.

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dealing with inputs, trading of produce, processing and infrastructure

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Users can independently create, edit, delete and organize data fields to suit their research, extension and business needs.

Our clients do not reveal any of their business processes. We uniquely offer complete business privacy.

We offer the world's most comprehensive software 'system' for managing crop health.

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Manages the implementation of Sativus, Yaksha and DESEE Force in Tamil Nadu and Kerala states, India