Green Fields

The company's inception happened during March 2012 with the aim of developing ICT products for the farming sector.  Today, the stakeholders can independently use our products to realize their software requirements. SativusYaksha and DESEE Force are set to revolutionize extension services, businesses, research activities and policy decisions.  These are powerful, yet simple to use and affordable products, which is changing the way ICTs are used in the present farming scenario.


To digitally support every stakeholder operating in the global farming scenario


  • To provide equal opportunities for small and large agri-businesses to harness the digital power

  • To empower researchers with digital tools for collection, processing and archival of data

  • To enable smooth forward and backward flow of data to strengthen the extension systems

  • To create a data-driven environment for policy decisions in the agricultural sector



"Crop health management impacts human health and nature. It is a great responsibility to strategise management plans."


Preeti M,

Content designer

"If agriculture is a passion, then I am a passion designer, and Tene is the perfect place for people like me."


Raghu B N,

Agri content manager

"To be correct about the economics and ecology of farming is a critical and tough job. I love the challenge it offers"

Nethravathi S P,

Subject expert

"Working towards sustainable food systems, nutrition aware processing and closing the nutrient loop"


Sanjay Dwivedi,

Director (Business Development)

"Agri-business comes with  great responsibilities  farmer welfare, consumer wellbeing and a sustainable environment."

Nethravathi AN,

Director (Marketing)


Srinivasa YB,

Managing Director

"Tene's objectives are aligned with the welfare of the farming community. Leading Tene to its objectives is my goal"


"Developing a digital ecosystem centred around the farmer is a highly rewarding challenge in front of me."


Khaza Khan,

IT Development Support

"India lives in villages. Creating ICT tools for agriculture and rural communities gives me great satisfaction."


Muniraju S,

IT Admin

"Small landholder farmers should benefit from software systems. This is the dream I work for everyday."


"Managing farm data means managing enormous variation. Deriving patterns from data brings the best in me."


Susheel Shashank T,

UI Design and Data visualisation 

Dwijendranath Guru,

Director (Admin)