Sativus helps field personnel to independently diagnose the problems caused by various insects, mites, microorganisms, nutritional deficiencies, etc., and to suggest management plans to the affected farmers.  It promotes the idea of trained field personnel performing the diagnosis, and discourages self-diagnosis by untrained farmer

Sativus contains a simple, dichotomously branching knowledge architecture to enable on-the-field diagnosis.


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Android 6.0+; 3GB+ RAM


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Field personnel consider the visible spread of the problem, prevailing weather, market rate, criticality of the affected parts and economic conditions of the farmers for estimating the severity of problems.


Sativus prompts the recommended management plans after considering the stage of the crop, the actual cause and the estimated extent of severity.

Clients can structure/update recommendations independently.


Clients are provided with an Expert App to support their field personnel whenever such need arises.


The App works offline allowing the field personnel to provide services in remote locations.


Designated users can access tabular, graphical and spatial reports on the field situations.